Public solar LED lights

Solar LED lighting systems are characterised by theirindependence from public distribution grid, save of the environment because of use of the renewable source of electric energy, high efficiency LED light lamps and meanwhile high savings of electric energy.

Wide scale of the power grades and designs designate solar LED street lighting systems for use in the cities but also in villages for lightening the routes, public areas, parks, for enlightening the promotions and billboards, frontages of historical and important buildings, parking lots, company’s sites and objects.

During the day solar energy is transformed into electrical energy and it is stored in accumulators from which LED light lamp is powered up after the dark. Such there is no need of the connection into public distribution grid which leads to savings of other costs represented by costs of distribution cables of electricity and costs of earthworks.

Set is composed of:
  • Sole
  • LED lamp
  • Solar panel
  • Controller
  • Battery
In the case of use of LED lightning system higher quality and higher comfort of enlightening can be obtained, high efficiency and low consumption cause that there is no need to turn off the lightning between 24:00 and 04:00 to save the energy. Fully automatized adaptive system turns on the lightning after the dark and turns off after the break of the day not according to fix set up of the intervals.